2010 Awards

Sunshine Coast Credit Union Scholarships $250 Scholarships

Piano: Talia Strang
PWB: Kiel Strang
Strings: Kiel Strang
Vocal: Cassidy Clayton

Coast Recital Society Adjudicator’s Choir $200 Awards

Piano: Elena Kohuch
PWB: Flannery Hay-Roe
Strings: Oliver Gidora
Vocal: Pamela Wood

Sunshine Coast Arts Council Provincial Candidate $125 Awards*

Piano, Junior: Talia Strang
PWB, Intermediate: Kiel Strang


Intermediate: Cassidy Clayton
Junior: Stephanie Schweighardt
Choral: A Cappella Strait, Choralations Children’s Choir

Adjudicator Recommended Delegates and Observers Not Performing at 2010 Provincials

Piano: Karl Petersohn


Intermediate: Kiel Strang
Observer: Oliver Gidora


Senior: Sarah Powell
Observer, Senior: Jena Crozier
Observer, Junior: Sacha Kalman

Multi-Discipline Awards

Barbara Cattanach Aggregate Achievement Award and
Registered Music Teachers Association Medallion $250:  Kiel Strang


Howe Sound Pulp and Paper Silver Challenge Trophy $100: Talia Strang
Aletta Gilker Top Performance Trophy $100: Elena Kohuch
Merv & Sunny Charbonneau Senior Trophy $100: Karl Petersohn
Miss Sunny’s Hair Boutique Intermediate Trophy $75: Ruby Riesco
Miss Sunny’s Hair Boutique Junior Trophy $50: Brison Geue
George and Elizabeth McKee Repertoire Trophy $100: Sarah Mitchell
RMTA Margaret Webb Post-Romantic Memoriam $100: Talia Strang
Barbara Cattanach Intermediate Canadian Composers Trophy: Ruby Riesco
Joan & Graham Edney Performer’s Choice Popular Trophy: James Flemming
Piano Duet Medallions: Taliesin Sanford & Talia Strang

Piano Awards Presented at Piano Encore Concert

Wynne Ling Older Beginner Piano Trophy: Emily Picard
May Freer Memorial Sightreading Trophy: Oliver Gidora
Patricia Stuart Baroque Piano Trophy: Karl Petersohn
Jessie Morrison Classical Piano Trophy: Anthony Willmer
Elizabeth Kennett Senior Romantic Piano Trophy: Karl Petersohn
Romantic Intermediate Medallion: Talia Strang
Margaret Webb Post-Romantic Trophy: Talia Strang
SuperValu 20/21st Century Trophy: Kiera Wallace
Mary Brooke Senior Canadian Composers Trophy: Ryder Hutt
Sue Winters Bartok Senior/Intermediate Trophy: Liam Bonser
Folk Song Medallion: Breanna Picard
Hilda Mitton Performer’s Choice Classical Troph: y Kiera Wallace
Technical Studies Medallion: Bryn Davies
Ken Dalgleish Own Composition Piano Tuning Award: Kiel Strang
Piano Collaboration Medallion: Anneka Bonser with Liam Bonser, flute

Adjudicator’s Choice Most Promising Young Performer Medallions:

Senior: Oliver Gidora Intermediate: Spencer Wilson
Junior: Alex Toigo Introductory: Nadia Benji

Electronic & Acoustics

1st Place Original Composition Group $100: Frankie Cottrell & Anthony Willmer
1st Place Group $75: Alex Cloherty & Robin Maser-Housden
1st Place Solo $50: Emily Wood

Adjudicator’s Choice Most Promising Young Performer Medallions:

Most Promising Own Composition: Alexis Toigo
Most Promising Solo: Chelsea Wright
Most Promising Group: Julie Beadle & Tiegan Daniels

Percussion, Woodwinds, Brass

Lyle Carter Memorial Senior Woodwind Trophy $100: Kiel Strang
Intermediate Woodwind Medallion $75: Flannery Hay-Roe
Adjudicator’s Choice Most Promising Young Performer Medallion: Maya Broeke


1st Place Vocal Teachers’ “Under 18” Trophy $100: Emily Cardinall
1st Place Clayton’s Heritage “Under 16” Vocal Cup $75: Cassidy Clayton
1st Place Dora Brooks Junior Vocal Trophy $75: Stephanie Schweighardt
1st Place McDonald’s Contemporary Vocal Trophy $50: Zoe Hadeler
Outstanding Showmanship Medallion $50: Sacha Kalman
SCFPA Vocal Highest Assessment Adult Vocal $50: Pamela Wood
1st Place Vocal Duet I & Peggy Burritt Memorial Duet Medallions $50: Sarah Powell & Jena Crozier

Adjudicator’s Choice Most Promising Young Performer Medallions

Intermediate ‘under 18’: Emily Cardinall
Intermediate ‘under 16’: Cassidy Clayton
Junior: Sarah Borthwick


Most Outstanding Youth Community Choir: Choralations Children’s Choir
Most Outstanding Adult Community Choir: A Capella Strait

Bowed Strings

1st Place Senior Bowed Strings $100 & For the Love of Music Trophy: Kiel Strang
1st Place Intermediate Bowed Strings $75 & Tom Kershaw Medallion: Maya Broeke
1st Place Junior Bowed Strings $50 & Margaret & Tony Dawkins Trophy: Mina Shibasaka
1st Place Bowed Strings $50 & Jack Inglis Outstanding String Trophy: Kiel Strang
1st Place SCFPA “classical classes” String Trophy $50: Oliver Gidora
1st Place Bowed String Sonata $50 & Roxelyn Ethridge Memorial Award: Maya Broeke
1st Place Senior Bowed String Concerto $75 Stuart & Hilda Mitton Trophy: Oliver Gidora
1st Place Intermediate Bowed String Concerto Philip Bass Memorial Scholarship $75: Emily Stoddart
1st Place Duet Medallions $50: Talia Cole and Talia Strang
1st Place Ensemble: Sunshine Coast Youth Orchestra
Adjudicator’s Choice 2010 Showmanship Award $50: Simon Gidora & Emily Stoddart

Adjudicator’s Choice Most Promising Young Performer Medallions

Intermediate: Liam Savien-Rankin
Junior: Sora Shibasaka

Plucked Strings

Clarke Steabner Classical Guitar Medallion $50: Axel Loitz
1st Place Junior $50: Axel Loitz

Folk Instrumental

1st Place Solo:

Senior $100 Kiel Strang
Advanced $75 Maya Broeke
Intermediate $50 Hanna Crudele
Novice $25 Ariana Mason

Ernie Chartrand Junior Folk Fiddle Trophy: Ariana Mason
1st Place Duet Medallions $50: Emily Wood & Henry Wood
1st Place Large Ensemble: Coast String Fiddler Bad to the Bow; Coast String Fiddler Senior
Adjudicator’s Choice Most Promising Young Performer Fiddle Camp Scholarship: Kiel Strang

Adjudicator’s Choice Most Promising Young Performer Medallions

Advanced: Acacia Slingerland
Intermediate: Madeleine Latimer


Ballet 1st Place Solo

Advanced $100 Dionne McKenzie
Intermediate $75 Ciara Cassidy

1st Place Duet: $50 Jonathan Hutchinson & Siena Dolinski
Stage Dance 1st Place Solo Advanced: $100 Allison Powell
1st Place Ensemble Outburst: McKenzie Flummerfelt, Frankie Cottrell, Caitlin Kyle, Emily Sherwood,
Nicole Sherwood, Taylor Greenaway, Charlene Smith, Etta Degnan