Festival Reports


Festival 2010 President’s Report

2010 was the 37th annual Sunshine Coast Festival of the Performing Arts. The number of participants for this year was approximately the same as for the last two years, ranging from the very young to seniors. As always, there were many positive comments from the adjudicators who complimented the performers not only on their performances but also on such things as their deportment, thoughtful listening to their fellow performers and obvious support of one another. Such comments about our participants are so good to hear and a compliment to parents and teachers.

We were able to engage both new and experienced adjudicators whose comments on the performances helped the performers learn and grow. Any comments made were done in a kind manner but at the same time gave all performers something to help them as they continue their studies in music and dance. There were a lot of happy moments that we all enjoyed.

There are many people who have volunteered time to help us and they are to be congratulated for the time and energy they give. There is so much work to be done and, especially at Festival time, it gets very busy. Without these volunteers, we would not be able to do the Festival and we thank them most sincerely for their support.

I would like to give a special thanks to our hard working Board of Directors. We meet each month from September through April to get everything ready for the Festival and also have ad hoc meetings as needed. I enjoy working with this Boardwhose members are willing to take on whatever needs to be done to make the Festival successful.

We need a treasurer and at least one more Board member and will try to fill these positions as soon as we can. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to get people who will volunteer and stay with programs. It is important that we have a full Board so we will keep searching. One problem we have had to deal with this year is that of funding. The economy is such that people are not able to give as much as they have in the past, not just to us, but generally. We
will continue to do our best to raise funds and hope we will be successful We are extremely grateful for the on-going donations of our members and supporters. We do have a most generous community. This year we applied for and received a Grant-in-Aid from the District of Sechelt and will explore more of those kinds of options this coming year.
I would like to give a very special thanks to Terry Andrews, our Syllabus and Program Coordinator, for the tremendous work she does for us in preparing both the Syllabus and the Program as well as all the updates and daily schedules for the Festival. She gives a great deal of her time and we are indeed grateful of the fine work she does.
Finally, thanks to our members for the wonderful support you give us.

Norma Mercer, President