Program Procedure

  1. Performance times and participant order will be provided in the official programme which will be made available on this website and at our designated outlets* on the Coast.
  2. The Board reserves the right to reschedule any performance if special circumstances warrant.
  3. Individual performance schedules are approximate and may change due to withdrawals or other circumstances which may arise. Performers should be in the venue at least 15 minutes before their scheduled performance time. Note that venue pianos are not available for rehearsal prior to scheduled performances.
  4. The Board reserves the right to disqualify any performer who is not ready to perform when called by the adjudicator’s secretary. Participants who must withdraw from a class are requested to inform the Discipline Chair in advance.
  5. The Board assumes no responsibility for supplying or arranging accompanists or page turners. Participants must make their own arrangements as required. Recorded accompaniment is permitted only for dance classes.
  6. When called immediately prior to their individual performance, performers will take their published scores (photocopies are not acceptable) to the adjudicator’s secretary. Participants must wait to receive a signal from the adjudicator before beginning their performance. Published scores shall be retrieved from the secretary before leaving the venue.
  7. Adjudications will be given to the performer at the conclusion of each class.
  8. Marks will be distributed to the individual teachers who then provide results to students in their studios at their discretion.
  9. Only members of the Festival Board may communicate with the adjudicator. Failure to comply could result in performer disqualification.
  10. The audience and other performers are requested to avoid entering or leaving the venue during a performance or adjudication.
  11. Flash cameras are not permitted in performance venues. Please ensure that all cell phones and electronic devices are turned off.


Gibsons – Windows on the Water (Sunnycrest Mall)
Roberts Creek – MeloMania
Sechelt – Talewind Books
Madeira Park – Earth Fair Store