2012 Sponsors

All of the following are much appreciated sponsors of our activities. If you would like to assist in furthering our goals for the performing arts, please send us an email and we will get in touch to clarify the arrangements. Thank you all.


Jan Adaskin
Elise BuqueNorma Mercer
Coast Recital Society
Dr. Donald Bland
Dorreen Henry
Sunshine Coast Arts Council
Sunshine Coast Credit Union
Dr. Lorne Berman
Kenmac Parts
Rosemary & Norman Cuddy
Patti & Don Gunning
District of Sechelt
John Davies & Laurie Bloom
Catherine Hume
Mary & Barry Ashley


Terry Andrews
Chatelech Secondary School
Barbara Christie
Coast Cable
Coast Cultural Alliance
Coast Princess Books
Coast Reporter
Bob D’Arcy
Davis Bay Bed & Breakfast
Gibsons Heritage Playhouse
Ken Dagleish
Kerry Mahlman
Miss Sunny’s Hair Boutique
Suzanne Pemberton
Raven’s Cry Theatre
Rockwood Centre
Sew Much More
St. Hilda’s Anglican Church
Sunshine Coast Dance Society
S.C. Registered Music Teachers Association
Talewind Books
The Local


Sue Carson
Terry Andrews
Edmund Arceo
Elise Buque
Betty Jane Norris
Ann Fitzau
Barbara Christie
Bob D’Arcy
John Milne
Dorothy Fraser
Rosemary Klippenstein
Kathleen Wagler
Nina Haedrich
Peggy Malcom
Kerry Mahlman
Shannon Geue
Joy Mcleod
Kathleen Hovey
Luci Herder
Julie Rutter
Val Rutter